3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

To most people, massage therapy seems like an ancient practice that improves blood flow and relieves muscle tension, but there are numerous medical benefits associated with it as well. With the human body consisting of more than 640 muscles with each having it’s pains and aches, it is important to know a few facts about massage therapy which can help you ease the pain. Below are three interesting facts about massage therapy. 
1. Boosts Immunity
A good massage will not only help you relax but will also boost the immune system. Notably, a 45 minutes massage helps by increasing the lymphocytes and white blood cells which are responsible for defending the body from diseases. massage helps in lowering the cytokines, which are molecules that play a role in inflammation, a decrease in cortisol which is a stress hormone, and a decreased amount of vasopressin which plays a role in aggressive behavior. As such, a session of massage therapy can help in boosting the immune system and endocrine response.
2. Improves Sleep
 Insufficient or poor sleep affects the daily activities negatively. Fortunately, insufficient sleep can be remedied using massage therapy according to the National Institutes of Health. According to several studies, a good massage will reduce fatigue and improve sleep even for people with psychiatric disorders, heart diseases, and cancer. Massage is believed to increase delta waves which are brain waves associated with deep sleep. This is the reason why one is likely to doze on the massage table.
3. Manage Depression and Anxiety
Depression and anxiety are a possible outcome whenever one is going through tough times. However, by having a massage, these feelings can be soothed through the reduction of cortisol levels. According to research, by getting a 15 minute massage twice a week for at least five weeks, there will be  increased frontal delta waves which promote relaxation feelings. On the other hand, the strength of delta waves and frontal alpha brainwaves are decreased. As such, there is a decreased anxiety since a feeling of relaxation is restored.

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