Top 3 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Weightlifters

Weightlifting can take a toll on the body, especially if the body does not heal correctly after an injury. However, massage therapy helps facilitate healing the soft tissue while relaxing tense and overworked muscle fiber, making this form of therapy a fast favorite for weightlifters in competition, on intense bulking cycles, or after intense workouts.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy in Rehabilitation
While training for contests and competitions, or trying to complete a particularly hard cycle, it is easy to injure muscles that have been worked hard. Massage therapy can relax injured muscles and force vital nutrients and oxygen into damaged areas. When muscles and soft tissue are massaged, they heal more quickly while resting. Massage therapy has also been known to help define or find problem areas that would otherwise go undiscovered.

Massage Aids with Protection from Future Injury
Healthy muscles and soft tissue can also benefit from massage therapy because massage will elongate muscle fibers which promote flexibility. During workouts and competitions, muscles are more limber and flexible allowing for a safer experience that yields a greater impact. Massage therapists have been instrumental in finding micro-injuries that can grow into something serious if not taken care of soon enough.

Enhanced Performance Through Massage
Massage therapy helps improve blood circulation and cleans out the lymphatic system while delivering oxygen and nutrients to the areas that need it most. With waste removal being stimulated on a regular basis, clean oxygen is delivered with a fresh supply of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for optimal performance.

It is suggested that weightlifters who lift regularly should have a massage at least once a week. The benefits can be used to take performance and achievements to the next level. Those that are healing from injuries may want to go for two or more trips a week but a doctor should be consulted on the amount and intensity of weekly sessions.

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